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"Ukraine update (and how you can help)" - Special authorized representative CFSR - Thad Cummings

"Over the past couple weeks, my friend Steve Gumaer has graciously walked me through the process of how I could realistically help in Ukraine. I was frustrated to learn how many of the large NGO's/Non-profits we support are not legally allowed to help the local organizations who carry the brunt of the burden in these situations (even though they have the supplies and desire to help). I was connected with Liudmyla Nechyporenko and her local Ukrainian organization (CSFR) «Благодійний фонд «ДЖЕРЕЛО ВІДРОДЖЕННЯ» who is bringing medicine/aid to hospitals and rescuing women/children from the war zones. Needs were exchanged, Myla asked me to become a DPOA and the planning began. Thanks to many generous people and in partnership with The Warrior's Journey for transportation and logistical support, we will deliver over 500 lbs of medical supplies to Ukraine on Monday. Which is just the start.

Many folks have asked how they can help/donate. I will accumulate close to $8,000 in expenses for my journey of which nearly $2,000 has been covered so far. We also need funds to purchase supplies that can be readily bought in neighboring countries (like food and personal hygiene). While I will make updates on specific needs/how people can help upon my return, right now, financial support is the highest priority.

(Paypal: or Venmo: @Thad-Cummings last 4 of my phone # are -7024).

A list of special thanks to people who have helped me out in this week of chaos: All of my team at North Ottawa Community Health System and Cindy for purchasing over $1200 in medical supplies and donating even more. Watkins Pharmacy for scrambling to sell discounted medical supplies and making many donations as well. Dr. Dewys, Dr Duncan Jodie Gamm Pac and Leslie Van Andel for helping me secure medications. My grad professors Lyn Behnke and Hiba Wehne for raising awareness and funds. Cassandra Kieda and Jacob Betts for driving around all of GR to find me suitcases. And many many more."- said the Special authorized representative CFSR - Thad Cummings

I will share updates and photos upon my return later this week.

Просимо Вас, в цей нелегкий для України час простягнути нам руку допомоги в тій мірі, яка можлива.-


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