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IOM’s local partner, the charitable foundation “Source of Revival” is doing everything possible to help people who remain in Kharkiv as well as those staying in hard-to-reach cities and villages of the region. Because of the shelling, they often travel to deliver humanitarian aid in bulletproof vests and protective helmets.

Kateryna, a mother of two, recalls: “The village suffered a lot: airstrikes, tanks, shelling… We survived the most terrible moments: executions of civilians, violence, and death.”

Over time, humanitarian aid began to reach locals, supporting them on their way to recovery. “Solar lamps are a real help for us – we can charge phones and use them for lighting,” says Kateryna.

Since 24 February, with the help of the Ukraine Supply Chain, IOM has delivered more than 71,000 solar lamps to affected communities in 10 regions of Ukraine. Solar lamps are part of a broad delivery of non-food assistance. More than 700,000 items have been distributed to 24 different regions with the support of a growing network of implementing partners and various donors....

More detailed information about the humanitarian work of the IOM can be found at the link in the article by Alisa Kyrpychova IOM Ukraine -


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